WorkSmart Coworking Culture

WorkSmart Coworking Space offers flexible office space and digital services designed for modern business- the place for Long Island’s entrepreneurs, remote workers, satellite teams, and small businesses to thrive.

We focus our space around collaboration, technology and services to uplift our community. We evolve the workplace into a place you look forward to coming to. 

Through our partnership with G2D Group, we create a unique experience for building residents and our coworking members. For people who want a local workplace that will inspire their day-to-day work lives, with amenities to improve workflows and maximize collaboration time. 

What We Provide

Meeting Spaces


In coworking spaces today, conference rooms must be more agile and flexible to support the modern working environment, causing more time spent in meetings than ever before. Our conference rooms are equipped with technology to support hybrid meetings and allow for members to make the most of their work day. 


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Scalability at WorkSmart


Our mission is to provide a flexible space for teams of all sizes, offering opportunities for growth and expansion. WorkSmart aims to give start ups and individuals a chance to be part of something bigger, while also being a hub for larger companies to decentralize and expand across multiple locations. Our coworking space offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between communities and companies by focusing on building lasting connections.


Membership Options

Collaboration for Success


Achieving a culture of effective collaboration in the workplace rarely comes easily, especially for leaders. Maybe some of your teammates work remotely, departments have become siloed, and you need a better solution. When teams collaborate effectively, they produce new ideas and innovative solutions that can meet or even surpass business objectives. We know that developing a concrete strategy for collaboration in the office—and committing to making it work—is no small feat. We support our members through our strategically designed spaces to create a collaboration culture for all.

Safely Return To The Workplace

You need a workplace environment that helps your employees feel comfortable as they return to work. WorkSmart Coworking has safety measures in place to address the ‘new normal’. We have reconfigured our open spaces to comply with social distancing. Guests will have their temperature checked at the door, surfaces are sanitized frequently throughout the day by staff and all our spaces are new facilities with highly efficient air filtration systems installed. 

Innovation Charged Services


Our team consists of strategists, creatives, designers, developers, and data scientists who develop and implement integrated marketing tactics to support your business goals.

When joining WorkSmart Coworking, you get access to proven experts that understand your business and are committed to achieving rapid growth that taps into your full potential. WorkSmart Boost is a digital agency built on the belief that when the right people connect, there are no limits.


Emily Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Gaelen Harlacher

Chief Operating Officer


Nicole Picon

Art Director

Kate Wood

Community Manager

Aaron Koshy

Project Manager

Solito Reyes

IT Manager

Marianna Henson

Account Manager

Coleen Higgins


Alexis Papadopoulos

Social Media Manager

Oneil Anderson

Database Intern

Maliha Tanweer

Software Development Intern

Manus O’Doherty

Software Engineering Intern

Jason Thors

Web Development Intern

Vito Fraccalvieri